More pictures of Bibi:

Some new pics: (September 20, 2001)

Ziggy, as I decided to name the kitten, sitting on my bed.
Ziggy and Bibi napping together.
Bibi licking Ziggy's head while she sleeps.
Ziggy reciprocates, and licks Bibi's head.
Ziggy licking Bibi's head again.

More pics! (June 24, 2001)

The kitten thought it would be cute to sit in the water bowl.
She then managed to fall asleep IN the water bowl! LOL
She also fell asleep half-sprawled on the leg of my roller chair.

Here is a selection of pictures of the kitten, and some of her with my cat Bibi.

The kitten lying on the floor, staring at the camera
The kitten resting atop a pillow on my chair
Early on, the kitten was still scared of Bibi, who approaches to sniff her
Eventually, they begin making physical contact, beginning with paw-smacking
Bibi watches as the kitten attempts to get to her by going under the chair legs
The kitten playing with the ball hanging by a string over the chair
Bibi gets smart and sits ON TOP of the string where the ball hangs
From there, she watches the kitten play with the ball

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