Nervous at Meets?

It's perfectly natural to be nervous at meets; almost all gymnasts have feelings of nervousness and anticipation while preparing for competition. Even some of the best gymnasts in the world feel pressure to do well from their coaches, their friends and family, and, most often, from themselves. Anticipation is a natural response to pressure. And most of the time, it's a sign that you're ready.

The only instances in which nerves are bad are when you let them hinder your ability to perform to your potential. For example, many gymnasts are so nervous on the balance beam that they can barely stay standing, let alone do the skills required in their routines. Other situations in which pressure can get the better of you: freezing in the middle of tricks or routines, forgetting parts of your routine, or even when nerves get in the way of enjoying yourself.

Remember, meets are supposed to be fun. If you have a problem getting yourself to relax at a meet, you need to get a handle on your nerves before they get a handle on you. Try some of the following tips: 

If you still have excessive nervousness, you might want to take aside some time to try some relaxation techniques.