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Tom Paris is the pilot aboard the Federation starship Voyager. B'Elanna Torres is the Chief Engineer. Both share pieces of their past that neither is proud of, but for Tom and B'Elanna, it paves the way to an understanding of one another that only they can appreciate.

For more on their relationship, read on.

Tom & B'Elanna Together Want to know what makes the relationship between Tom and B'Elanna click? (not yet complete)
P/T Moments Get a look at the P/T moments contained within episodes.
P/T at Star Trek Convention Yes, lacking in updates here, but I did get some pictures scanned in from the Star Trek convention in Sacramento where Roxann Dawson (B'Elanna) and Robert Duncan McNeill (Tom) were both at!!
Pictures Pictures of them in various moments in the episodes.
Songs & Lyrics I really have to wonder if Darren and/or Daniel of Savage Garden are secret P/T fans ... Here's a collection of song lyrics from their songs, and songs from others, that bear some likeness to the P/T relationship.
Sound Clips Sounds clips from some of the episodes. Available in RealAudio.
Fanfiction & Writings Come see the two stories I've written, both of which are P/T.
Links Lots of links, and you can even add one to your website!

In the spirit of what seems to be the battle cry for relationshippers everywhere, of one sort or another, I have one thing to say:

"I am a hopeless romantic ... and DAMN PROUD OF IT!"