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Newest additions (July 23, 2003)
juggernaut01.rm "Juggernaut" Paris: "B'Elanna!" (out of breath) "Aren't you forgetting something?"
Torres: "I don't think so."
Paris: "Uh, 'good-bye' would be nice. 'So long?' 'See you soon?' Something along those lines."
Torres: "I didn't want to risk it."
Paris: "Risk what?"
Torres: "Starting an argument."
Paris: "Ha! Argument? Us?" (pause) "So, I hear it's been a short fuse kind of day."
Torres: "About this long."
Paris: "Nothing you can't handle."
Torres: "If you think so."
Paris: "I know so."
juggernaut02.rm "Juggernaut" (continued)

Torres: "I suppose it's always going to be like this."
Paris: "Like what?"
Torres: "Me against the galaxy."
Paris: "Well, the galaxy doesn't stand a chance. Now ... promise me that you're going to be careful over there. No stopping to have fun."
Torres: "Fun? On a Malon freighter?"
(they kiss briefly)
Paris: "See you soon."
equinox01.rm "Equinox" Torres: "We went to the Academy together."
Paris: (feigned surprise) "Oh."
Burke: (shakes Paris' hand) "Maxwell Burke."
Paris: "Tom Paris."
(Burke shakes Kim's hand)
Kim: "Harry Kim. Welcome aboard."
Torres: "First officer. Impressive! The last time we talked, you were about to drop out of Starfleet."
Burke: "I heard you beat me to it. The Maquis?"
Torres: "For a while. Until I ran into these two."
(all laugh)
Paris: "And it's been hell ever since."
equinox02.rm "Equinox" Paris: "B.L.T. ..."
Torres: "Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato. It was a nickname."
Paris: "A nickname?"
Torres: "My initials."
Paris: (sarcastically) "Oh. How romantic."
Torres: "We broke up over ten years ago. No need to go to red alert."
Paris: "How about yellow alert?"
Torres: "You're cute when you're jealous."
Paris: "Who's jealous?"
Torres: (leaving) "See you on the Equinox."
Kim: "Well, Turkey Platter, what do you say we go to work."
Paris: "Who's jealous?!"
The rest of the clips ...
sostrang.rm * "Faces"

Torres: "It's so strange."
Paris: "What?"
Torres: "When I was a child, I did everything I could to hide my forehead. Hats, scarves, you name it."
Paris: "When I was a kid, I wore a cap to hide the haircuts my father used to make me get first day of every summer."
Torres: "I grew up on a colony on Kessik IV. My mother and I were the only Klingons there, and that was a time when relations between the Homeworld and the Federation weren't too cordial. Nobody ever said anything, but we were different. And I didn't like that feeling. Then, my father left ... when I was five years old. One day he was there, and the next day, he wasn't. I cried myself to sleep every night, for months. Of course, I never told anybody. And then I finally decided that he left because I looked like a Klingon. And so, I tried to look human."
Paris: "Looks like you finally got what you wanted."

faces01.rm "Faces" Torres: "Tom ... I was thinking. When they did this thing to me, I think it changed more than just the way I look."
Paris: "What do you mean?"
Torres: "Back there, when they took Durst away, I was terrified."
Paris: "No one can blame you for that."
Torres: "You don't understand. I've been in worse situations, but I've never felt like that before. Never. I mean, my heart was pounding, and my hands were shaking. I -- I didn't even try to help you!"
Paris: "B'Elanna, I'm no doctor. But I believe that whatever they did to you has seriously depleted your strength. There's nothing you could have done."
Torres: "No, that's not it. I think that when they extracted my Klingon DNA, they turned me into some kind of ... a coward."
faces02.rm "Faces" (continued)

Paris: "Sometimes fear can be a good thing. It keeps you from taking unnecessary chances. Courage doesn't mean you don't have fear. It means you've learned to overcome it. And I know you can find the courage to hold on, until we can find a way out of this place."

macrocosm1.rm "Macrocosm" Paris: "B'Elanna, thank god you're here. The natives are getting restless."
Torres: "What's the emergency?"
Paris: "Well, I volunteered to help out while Neelix was away on the trade mission. The heating array overloaded. It incinerated a twelve kilo pot roast and all the food replicators went offline."
Torres: "Mm, looks delicious. Maybe there's problem with the bioneural gel pack in the replicator panel."
Paris: "Actually, I'm a pretty good cook when Engineering is doing its job."
Torres: "Oh, so this is my fault?"
Paris: "Well, the gel packs are your department, aren't they? Besides, what was I supposed to tell all these hungry, irritable people?"
Torres: "You know, I think that there's a plasma relay on Deck 7 that really needs repair --"
Paris: "Oh, no! You can't leave me now, Lieutenant."
Torres: "Oh, you need me. I'm touched."
macrocosm2.rm "Macrocosm" Paris: "Well, so much for lunch."
Torres: "I may never look at food again."
Paris: "I thought Klingons didn't get nauseated. You have a redundant stomach."
Torres: "Well, right now, we're both unhappy."
shebitme.rm * "Blood Fever" Paris: "I tried to keep her from leaving, Captain, but she got very hostile and ... bit me."
Chakotay: "She bit you?"
Paris: "And she seemed to be enjoying it ... in a Klingon kind of way."
biteface.rm * "Blood Fever" Paris: "If I remember my Klingon customs, biting someone on the face means ..."
Torres: "I know what it means!"
gun.rm * "Blood Fever" Paris: "This isn't about the gun, this is about sex ... but that's not going to happen right now."
Torres: "I think it is."
scenttom.rm * "Blood Fever" Torres: "I've picked up your scent, Tom. I've tasted your blood."
Paris: "No ... no, I'm your friend. And I have to watch out for you when your judgment's been impaired. If you let these instincts take over now, you'll hate yourself ... and me too for taking advantage of you. I won't do this."
fighturg.rm * "Blood Fever" Torres: "You don't know how strong ... how hard it is ... to fight this ... urge."
Paris: "Are you telling me that I'm impossible to resist?"
Torres: "I wouldn't go that far."
resist.rm * "Blood Fever" Paris: "Are you telling me that I'm impossible to resist?"
hard2get.rm * "Blood Fever" Torres: "You've never been hard to get, Tom."
Paris: "Well, I'm making an exception."
cantlet.rm * "Blood Fever" Paris: "I can't let you do this."
Torres: "Oh, but you wish you could. All those invitations to dinner ... and on the holodeck ... the way you would stare at me when you thought I wasn't looking."
canttell.rm * "Blood Fever" Torres: "You can't tell me you're not interested in me."
Paris: "You're right, I can't."
dontpush.rm * "Blood Fever" Torres: "Don't push me away."
Paris: "Oh, believe me, I'd like to. But I also know this isn't really you."
letithap.rm * "Blood Fever" Paris: "You've made it clear that you're not interested. And I have to accept that's how you really feel, even now."
Torres: "No ... no, it isn't. I was just afraid to admit it. You see ... I've wanted this for so long." [They kiss.] "Just let it happen."
goinsane.rm * "Blood Fever" Torres: "You'd let me go insane rather than help me!?"
Paris: "You know that's not true."
quiet.rm * "Blood Fever" Paris: "B'Elanna, I know this is a pretty bizarre situation, probably not what either of one of us had in mind, but it's too late to worry about that now."
Torres: "Tom ..."
Paris: "What?"
Torres: "Be quiet."
objects.rm * "Blood Fever" Paris: "This is the part where you throw heavy objects at me?"
Torres: "Maybe later."
enjoying.rm * "Blood Fever" Torres: "What are you doing?"
Paris: "Enjoying myself?"
Torres: "Then show it!"
wish_for.rm * "Blood Fever" Torres: "Be careful what you wish for, Lieutenant."
belanna.rm * "Before and After" Paris: "B'Elanna was ... someone who was very special to me. When she died, I felt like I wanted to die, too."
yearhell.rm * "Before and After" Kes: "Year of Hell?"
Paris: "That's what some of us call it now. We were under virtually constant attack by a race called the Krenim. The ship almost didn't make it. The Doctor was offline for months. And we lost a lot of good people. Captain Janeway, Joe Carey ... B'Elanna."
byob.rm * "Distant Origin" Paris: "I'll see you tonight, B-Y-O-B."
Torres: "What?"
Paris: "Bring your own bat'leth."
difficul.rm * "Displaced" Torres: "If you find it so difficult to be my friend, then why keep trying?"
Paris: "That's a good question. I think I'll stop wasting my time."
swing.rm * "Displaced" Paris: "Come on, you've been wanting to take a swing at me for days! Now's your chance."
dayofhonor02.rm "Day of Honor"

Paris: "Good morning. Here's the helm control evaluation you wanted."
Torres: "Thank you."
Paris: "We ... still on for dinner tonight?"
Torres: "I may have to work. I'll let you know."
Paris: "Uh-huh. Okay ... Have you decided if you're ... if you're going through with it?"
Torres: "I have. And ... I'm not. Today hasn't started out very well and the last thing I need is to get involved with some obscure Klingon ritual."
Paris: "You were the one who suggested it."
Torres: "I know. And for one sentimental minute, I thought that I might actually go through it with. But not anymore."
Paris: "Of course not. Wouldn't want to get too sentimental."
Torres: "I overslept this morning because I forgot to tell the computer to wake me. And then the acoustic inverter in my sonic shower blew out."
Paris: "That'll make your hair stand on end."
Torres: "So I didn't have time for breakfast and when I got here, two people were out sick so I had to cancel the fuel cell overhaul. And then an injector burst for no apparent reason and started spewing plasma coolant --"
Paris: "Well, that's a run of bad luck, all right."
Torres: "So, I am in a bad mood, and I know that I'm being a little bit testy."
Paris: "No, that's okay. Think about that dinner."

dayofhonor03.rm "Day of Honor"

(door chime rings)
Torres: "Come in."
Paris: "I tried to find you before, but you were on the holodeck."
Torres: "That's right."
Paris: "You know, you left it running. (slight laugh) And there was a Klingon in there who didn't look too happy."
Torres: "Really?"
Paris: "Yeah, and he was nursing a whale of a black eye. Looks like he had a run-in with someone having a really bad day."
Torres: "That's very funny."
Paris: "So, how'd it go?"
Torres: "It didn't. Do you mind if we talk about something else?"
Paris: "As a matter of fact, I do. You have been like a spitting cobra all day, and it's getting boring. You know, we designed that holodeck program together, and I think you owe me the courtesy of telling me what happened."
Torres: "It was ridiculous ... meaningless posturing! Honor, dishonor -- what does it matter?"
Paris: "It matters because it's part of who you are. You've been running away from that your whole life."
Torres: "Who are you to tell me that?"
Paris: "I care about you. But if you're going to keep ... pushing me away, then there's no point in my staying around, is there?"
Torres: "Fine! Just leave me alone."
Paris: "Oh, don't worry. If this how you treat people who try to be your friend, you'll be alone, all right."

dayofhonor04.rm "Day of Honor"

Torres: "Torres to Janeway."
Janeway: "Go ahead."
Torres: "We've dumped the core. (sigh) Welcome to the worst day of my life."

dayofhonor05.rm "Day of Honor"

Torres: "I wonder what else can go wrong today. If we get this core back, I'm going right to bed and sleeping straight through to tomorrow. Get this day over with."
Paris: "Well, look at it this way: how much worse could it get? Having to dump the warp core has to be the low point of any day."
Torres: "Maybe it's me. Maybe I'm asking for this trouble somehow."
Paris: "Or maybe it's just a string of bad luck."

dayofhonor06.rm "Day of Honor"

Paris: "If we could interplex the comm systems of both suits, we might be able to make a phased carrier wave. Voyager would read the signature and know it's from us."
Torres: "Good idea. Let me access your controls."
Paris: "I thought you'd never ask."

dayofhonor07.rm "Day of Honor"

Paris: "Why is it we have to get beamed into space in environmental suits before I can initiate first contact procedures?"
Torres: "Why is it that if we're alone for more than thirty seconds, you start thinking about contact?"
Paris: "Oh, that is not fair. The other day in Engineering, I must have gone ... four minutes before I started thinking about it."
Torres: (slight laugh) "Okay. I'm ready to initiate the carrier wave."
Paris: (a blaring noise emits in his helmet) "Augh!"
Torres: "Sorry!" (she stops the noise) "Better?"
Paris: "Yeah. Let's hope it's still that strong by the time it gets to Voyager."

dayofhonor08.rm "Day of Honor"

Torres: "This isn't anything like the simulations we had at the Academy. They felt peaceful, like floating in the womb. But right now, I'm feeling a little sick to my stomach."
Paris: "You dropped out too soon. In the third year, there's a six-week course of actual space walk, so you can get used to them."
Torres: "I wouldn't have lasted to the third year. If I hadn't dropped out, they would have asked me to leave."
Paris: "I wish I'd known you then."
Torres: "You'd have hated me."
Paris: "I can't imagine a time I wouldn't have found you fascinating."

dayofhonor09.rm "Day of Honor"

Torres: "It's ironic, isn't it?"
Paris: "What?"
Torres: "Today -- the Day of Honor -- is the day that I'm going to die."
Paris: "We are not going to die. Would you stop talking like that?"
Torres: "We have to face up to it, Tom."
Paris: "There's something I've wanted to ask you."
Torres: "Well, now's the time."
Paris: "When we first met, you didn't have a very high opinion of me."
Torres: "That's putting it mildly. I thought you were an arrogant, self-absorbed pig."
Paris: "Flattery won't get you any more oxygen. Do you think I've changed?"
Torres: "A lot. Now you're a stubborn, domineering pig. I'm just kidding."

dayofhonor10.rm "Day of Honor"

Torres: "There I go again. Just pushing you away. You were right about me. It's what I do. Push people away."
Paris: "Well, it's a sure-fire way of not getting hurt."
Torres: "What a coward I am."
Paris: "Shh ..."

dayofhonor11.rm "Day of Honor"

Torres: "Tom?" (he stirs) "Come on, open your eyes."
Paris: "Mm, I was having a dream."
Torres: "There's something I have to say."
Paris: "Me, too. I'm glad the last thing I'll see is you."
Torres: "I've been a coward about everything -- everything that really matters."
Paris: "No, you're being a little hard on yourself."
Torres: "No. I'm going to die, without a shred of honor. And for the first time in my life, that really bothers me. So, I have to tell you something. I --"
Computer: "Warning. Oxygen level at 71 millibars."
Torres: "I have to tell you the truth."
Paris: "The truth about what?"
Torres: "I ... I ... I love you." (Tom stares at her in disbelief) "Say something!"
Paris: "You picked a great time to tell me."

loveyou.rm * "Day of Honor" Torres: "I have to tell you the truth."
Paris: "The truth about what?"
Torres: "I ... I ... I love you."
compromise.rm * "Scientific Method" Torres: "I just had the feeling that someone was watching us. I must be completely paranoid about getting caught in a compromising position."
Paris: "Kind of exciting, isn't it?"
seefuture.rm * "Scientific Method" Torres: "Alright then, we're agreed. Just a little bit more careful in public and don't say anything to anybody."
Paris: "At least for now."
Torres: "Now? Sounds like you see a future in this."
Paris: "I would never be so presumptuous."
Torres: "Smooth recovery, Lieutenant."
Paris: "I thought so."
salad.rm "Scientific Method" Torres: "This is really delicious."
Paris: "Oh, thanks, I replicated it myself."
Torres: "Mm, you're too good for me."
takecare.rm "The Killing Game" Bobby: "I guess you found someone else to take care of you."
Brigitte: "There's never been anybody else."
fight3am.rm "Night" Torres: "You don't want to start a fight with me right now. Not three in the morning."
Paris: "Three in the morning, four in the afternoon. What's the difference? You're angry twenty-four hours a day!"
ptwed.rm "Course: Oblivion" [wedding scene between "Tom" and "B'Elanna" on board the duplicated Voyager from Demon]
intrelat.rm "Someone to Watch Over Me" Torres: "'Stardate 52648. 0300 hours. Intimate relations resume--' How the hell do you know when we're having intimate relations?"
Seven: "There is no one on Deck 9 Section 12 who doesn't know when you're having intimate relations."
blt.rm "Equinox" Paris: "BLT?"
Torres: "Bacon, lettuce, and tomato -- it was a nickname."
Paris: "A nickname?"
Torres: "My initials."

Note: Some of the sound clips (denoted with a *) here are courtesy of the wonderful Star Trek sounds resource mega-site: Star Trek in Sound and Vision.