Access to the lyrics of all the songs released on their two CD's, plus lyrics to the unreleased B-sides!
Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I am insanely obsessed with Savage Garden. It began in 1997, just a few months after they released their debut album, and escalated to the point where my roommates seriously considered putting me on that MTV show for truly obsessed fans (Fanatic, I think it's called?).

And I bet many people are wondering why I didn't put a Savage Garden section to my website until now. The truth is I really did want to, but many thanks to a hectic junior and senior year of college, I didn't have time until now.

So, here it is. =)

My Obsession
Wondering exactly how and why I'm so obsessed with this group? Here's an attempt at an explanation.
Direct links to the rare and imported CD's containing the remixes and B-sides, so you can have them for yourself!
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