Of the Origin of the Obsession

Many people who know me and know of my insane obsession with Savage Garden wonder what it is about them that makes me like them so much. You might be wondering the same thing. Just how did it start, you ask?

Strangely enough, my obsession with Savage Garden began with Star Trek. I know that half of the people reading this are now rolling their eyes, but bear with me. Around December 1997, I was very much into Voyager and had become a devout Paris/Torres fan. After having heard several P/T Collective members talking about how great the song "To the Moon and Back" was, I was curious about it. Someone sent a clip of the song to me ...

And I was blown away.

The lyrics in "To the Moon and Back" could not have described the character of B'Elanna Torres better. Just about every single line was true to her character, and after a short time, I couldn't help but wonder if this was intentional or some freak coincidence. (Up until recently, I wasn't sure which it was. But I heard an interview Darren did somewhere, and he said that it was based on a mutual friend between him and Daniel. I guess it is just a coincidence.)

One of my close friends remembered me ranting about how great this song was, and bought me Savage Garden's debut CD for Christmas. I couldn't have been happier. I began to listen to the entire CD repeatedly, and subsequently fell in love with "Truly, Madly, Deeply" and "I Want You" in addition to "To The Moon and Back." The other songs were good, too, but these three songs were the ones I often programmed to repeat over and over on my CD player.

Over the next two years, I continued to grow more and more attached to "To the Moon and Back," and while I certainly was considered a fan, the term "obsession" couldn't really be applied to me until two years later.

Some during the first week of November, 1999, my roommates and I were browsing the used CD selections at The Wherehouse when I began to pay attention to the music the store was playing. It sounded a lot like Darren Hayes, but I had never heard the song before. So, this prompted me to go up to the front and ask the cashier what was playing. He said it was Savage Garden's new album, which he held up to show me. I felt my knees go weak, and barely was coherent enough to ask if I could see the CD. It was entitled, "Affirmation," and the guy told me it was going to be released the next week on November 9th.

That day was long in coming, but when it finally arrived, I walked quickly to the Tower Records downtown in the hour between two classes and bought "Affirmation." Soon, I was listening to the CD at least twice a day, and had fallen in love with just about every song on it, which is a rarity for me. None of the songs surpassed my respect for "To the Moon and Back," but the album as a whole was probably one of the best CD's I'd listened to.

But that isn't even close to where I am today. Pretty soon, I discovered the special imported CD's on Amazon.com and Ebay. With new remixes and unreleased B-sides, I couldn't resist the temptation to buy as many as I could, especially the ones with "To the Moon and Back." To this day, I think I've spent well over $100 on CD's and other related merchandise.

Is this just a phase, or a permanent fandom? It's hard to tell, but I'm hoping on the latter. =)