Another great Top Ten List by my buddy Primrose Boynton:

Ten Things Not Heard Inside the Borg Cube

10 "Wait a minute. If resistance is futile, how come they keep kicking our butts?"
9 "You know, I'm starting to miss Locutus."
8 "Did you see last night's 'Friends'?"
7 "Do you ever get tired of this hive mentality?"
6 "Excuse me, but do you have any Grey Pupon?"
5 "I'm sensing PAIN, PAIN, terrible, horrible, PAIN!"
4 "We are Bgro ... uh ... Brog ... uh ... Grob ... OH NEVER MIND!"
3 "I know! Let's NOT blast this small helpless planet to smitherines!"
2 "I have to pee!"
1 "Heeey Macarena! Aiie!"

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