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Season Two

# Air Date Title
120 08/28/95 The 37's A 1930's Earth pickup truck is found floating in space and, oddly, picking up an SOS call that is traced to a plane on a planet. It leads the crew to discover eight abducted humans in suspended animation. They are revived, only to find that the planet is inhabited by humans, descended from hundreds that were abducted in 1937.
121 09/04/95 Initiations When Chakotay's shuttle drifts into Kazon space, he is attacked by Kar, a young Kazon trying to gain warrior status. Chakotay seizes the boy and returns him to the Kazon, only to be captured himself and realizing his act dishonored Kar. In a struggle, they both escape but only get as far as a booby-trapped moon.
117 09/11/95 Projections Reg Barclay appears and tries to convince the EMH that he is really Dr. Zimmerman and that Voyager being lost in the Delta Quadrant was all a holographic program he created. The confusion came about when an accident on Jupiter station occurred, and to end the simulation, the Doctor must destroy Voyager.
118 09/18/95 Elogium When Voyager encounters a swarm of space-faring aliens, they find that the aliens' energy is problematic for their systems and that they're causing Kes to experience elogium, the single time in an Ocampan woman's life that she is fertile. Kes is forced to decide if she wants to have a child now, and asks Neelix to be the father.
122 09/25/95 Non Sequitur Harry wakes up to discover that his assignment on Voyager never happened. Harry is then captured and accused of being a spy for the Maquis, and later learns that he was sent to an alternative universe after his shuttle collided with an alien time stream.
119 10/02/95 Twisted Voyager encounters a distortion wave that not only disables the ship's systems, it twists the ship's configuration so that no one can get where they want to go. Captain Janeway comes into physical contact with the distortion and is rendered unconscious while the rest of the crew faces the possibility that the entire ship will soon be crushed.
123 10/09/95 Parturition Tom and Neelix are at each other's throats fighting over Kes, but they are forced to work together when they land on a hostile planet where they take cover in a cave. While they wait for rescue, they discover a reptilian hatchling that seems to have no mother and commit themselves to caring for it.
124 10/30/95 Persistence of Vision Captain Janeway takes time out to relax on the holodeck, but she is later puzzled to see the characters in real life and even more so to see her fiancee, Mark. Eventually, the entire crew is imagining their inner desires.
125 11/06/95 Tattoo Chakotay is stunned to find images on an alien moon that resemble those of his ancestors. He leads an away team to investigate, but things turn violent and Chakotay is left behind when the others beam back to Voyager.
126 11/13/95 Cold Fire The Caretaker's remains lead the crew to a space station inhabited by Ocampa whose psychokinetic skills are advanced. One of them, Tanis, teaches some to Kes and asks her to stay with them. He also brings Voyager to the female Caretaker who wants retribution for her counterpart's death.
127 11/20/95 Maneuvers When a Kazon attack penetrates Voyager's shields allowing them to steal a transporter, they learn that Seska has betrayed her crew and allied with the Kazon. Chakotay takes it upon himself to sneak onto the Kazon ship to destroy the transporter, but is caught and tortured to reveal Voyager's access codes.
128 11/27/95 Resistance On a mission to obtain supplies, the away team is ambushed. Tuvok and Torres are imprisoned, and Janeway is "rescued" by a native who believes she is his long-lost daughter.
129 01/15/96 Prototype When B'Elanna reactivates a sentient robot, it demands copies of itself made but when the crew refuses, it kidnaps B'Elanna to its ship where it and others threaten to destroy Voyager. She finally complies, but then learns that these robots would continue to wage a war with other robots whose people are now at peace.
131 01/22/96 Alliances Janeway attempts to form alliances with several Kazon factions to bring stability among them. After some difficulty, she allies with the Trabe and convinces First Majes to meet, realizing almost too late that it is the perfect target for the Trabe to attack the Kazon leaders.
132 01/29/96 Threshold Tom manages to take a shuttlecraft to Warp 10, and seems to be fine, until collapses. He appears to be mutating, but dies. He comes back to life, but now hostile. He kidnaps Janeway and takes them both to Warp 10 and they disappear.
133 02/05/96 Meld An investigation into a murder on board Voyager leads Tuvok to mind meld with Suder, who confesses to it. However, it causes Tuvok to have violent impulses, which Suder describes as appealing.
134 02/12/96 Dreadnought A Cardassian missile B'Elanna had reprogrammed in the Alpha Quadrant is found to be heading towards a large planet in the Delta Quadrant. B'Elanna now tries to stop the missile, but it doesn't believe B'Elanna, sure she has been influenced by the Cardassians.
130 02/19/96 Death Wish The crew accidentally frees a member of the Q from his prison in a comet, and learns he was there for attempting suicide. The more familiar Q appears to put him back in confinement, but Q2 asks Janeway for asylum on board Voyager, which she considers during a formal hearing.
136 02/26/96 Life Signs The Doctor transfers the synaptic patterns of a Vidiian woman dying of the Phage to a holographic body while he works on treating her real one. As he gets to know her, he finds himself falling in love with her.
135 03/13/96 Investigations Neelix learns of a rumor that Tom is leaving Voyager to join a Talaxian ship, but the ship is attacked and Tom is kidnapped by the Kazon. Neelix, finding the coincidence odd, investigates and that someone on Voyager has been secretly communicating with the Kazon.
137 03/18/96 Deadlock A divergence field causes a duplicate of Voyager and everyone aboard. The lack of antimatter to power the two ships leads one Janeway to meet with the other. There is little time to discuss options as the Vidiians are nearing for an attack.
138 04/08/96 Innocence When Tuvok's shuttle crashes on a moon, he finds three frightened Drayan children who were sent there to die and ask Tuvok to protect them from their people's search party.
139 04/29/96 The Thaw When the crew rescues several hibernation pods, they find three in deep stasis and two that appear to have died from mortal fear. Harry and B'Elanna enter the pods to find out how to revive them, but they enter a dream state and realize that a Clown that is a manifestation of all their fears governs them all and forbids them to leave.
140 05/06/96 Tuvix A special species of flowers cause Tuvok and Neelix to become merged together when they attempt to beam back to Voyager. The new entity calls himself Tuvix, and at first, the Doctor does not know how to reverse the merging. After some time, however, the Doctor figures something out, but Tuvix refuses to undergo the reversal.
141 05/13/96 Resolutions Janeway and Chakotay exile themselves to a planet that prevents the advancement of a deadly virus they have contracted. Janeway orders Voyager to continue on home, but Tuvok disobeys Janeways orders against allying with the Vidiians to rescue them.
142 05/20/96 Basics, Part I Voyager is lured by Seska's claim that she gave birth to a son via stolen DNA from Chakotay, and the ship sustains heavy attack. While Tom leaves to get help from a Talaxian colony, the Kazon board Voyager and force the crew to be stranded on an unforgiving planet.