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Season Four

# Air Date Title
169 09/03/97 Scorpion, Part II The alliance with the Borg brings Janeway and Tuvok to work closely with Seven of Nine, the Borg "representative" that becomes severed from the Collective and part of Voyager's crew.
170 09/10/97 The Gift As Seven struggles to settle in with Voyager's crew, Kes is beginning to develop extraordinary mental abilities that eventually force her to leave the ship.
172 09/17/97 Day of Honor On the Klingon Day of Honor, B'Elanna's bad day only gets worse as she faces both the possibility of death the need to admit her feelings for Tom.
171 09/24/97 Nemesis Chakotay is kidnapped and held by a violent race who he learns to hate and wage war against.
173 10/01/97 Revulsion While Harry and Seven struggle to get along while working together, B'Elanna and the Doctor go on an away mission to assist a hologram whose program is very unstable.
174 10/08/97 The Raven After Seven is afflicted with hallucinations of being hunted by the Borg, she violently escapes from Voyager in search of what she feels is a Borg homing signal.
175 10/29/97 Scientific Method The crew is hampered by ailments of the physical and psychological kind, and are subjects of crude lab experiments conducted by a band of over-curious aliens.
176 11/05/97 Year of Hell, Part I An alien bent on tweaking the timeline until the universe is how he wants it refuses to let anything stand in his way, including Voyager, which becomes a primary target of attack, time and time again ...
177 11/12/97 Year of Hell, Part II Chakotay and Tom are kidnapped onto the Krenim vessel and must find a way to outsmart Annorax, while Voyager is so badly beaten that Janeway orders evacuation before finding allies and waging a war against the Krenim.
178 11/19/97 Random Thoughts During a trade mission on an alien planet, B'Elanna is arrested and sentenced to a dangerous memory purging procedure on the charge of thinking violent thoughts.
179 11/26/97 Concerning Flight A band of alien ships steal many of Voyager's essential components, and when Janeway goes undercover to get them back, she discovers that the Leonardo da Vinci program is active with the Doctor's holoemitter.
180 12/17/97 Mortal Coil When Neelix dies and is brought back to life, he is deeply distraught by the realization that his belief of an afterlife is not really true.
182 01/14/98 Waking Moments A telepathic race invades the dreams of the Voyager crew, and it is up to Chakotay to distinguish the dream world from reality and release the aliens' hold on the ship.
181 01/21/98 Message in a Bottle The Doctor is sent through an alien communication network to the Alpha Quadrant, but he finds himself on a starship overrun by Romulans and meets up with the upgraded version of the EMH.
183 02/11/98 Hunters Voayger finds a data stream from Starfleet with letters from home tangled in an ancient relay communication network, and in the process of retrieving it, they encounter the Hirogen who make it a sport to hunt their prey and take "trophies."
184 02/18/98 Prey The Hirogen try hunting Species 8472, but the fluidic space aliens are fighting back, and one of them has invaded Voyager but only in search of a way back home.
185 02/25/98 Retrospect During a trade mission with a weapons merchant, Seven accuses him of violating her and stealing her Borg nanoprobes. But did he really do it?
186 03/04/98 The Killing Game, Part I The Hirogen take over Voyager and subject the crew to violent holodeck programs -- such as World War II -- where they are cruelly hunted down, medically treated, then returned to another round of hunting.
187 03/04/98 The Killing Game, Part II
188 04/08/98 Vis à Vis While Tom finds difficulty about the direction of his career, an alien who's made a life of assuming other people's identities does so with Tom's.
189 04/15/98 The Omega Directive Voyager stumbles upon a molecule involving a top secret directive known only to the top ranking Starfleet officers, but Janeway is convinced to let the crew help in harnessing and neutralizing the potentially dangerous phenomenon.
190 04/22/98 Unforgettable Chakotay rescues and becomes involved with a woman he's met before -- only he and everyone else on Voyager don't remember.
191 04/29/98 Living Witness The Doctor's back-up program is run 700 years in the future, where the Doctor must prove that it was not Voyager that was responsible for the destruction of an alien city.
192 05/06/98 Demon Tom and Harry beam to a Demon-class planet to gather some deuterium, but their environmental suits are punctured and they end up becoming cloned and brought back to Voyager.
193 05/13/98 One As Voyager passes through a radioactive nebula, the crew is put in stasis and relies on Seven and the Doctor to get along and keep the ship in one piece for the next month.
194 05/20/98 Hope and Fear When Voyager transports an alien trader, Arturis, he decodes Starfleet's last message which leads them to an unmanned Starfleet vessel waiting to take the crew back home using quantum slipstream drive. However, more investigation reveals that Starfleet did not send this ship and it, in fact, is alien.