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Season Five

# Air Date Title
195 10/14/98 Night During a journey through an empty region of space, the crew is fighting a bad case of boredom, bouts of cabin fever, and themselves, while Janeway becomes sullenly depressed and blames herself for stranding Voyager in the Delta Quadrant. Then they're relieved when aliens attack.
196 10/21/98 Drone In a transporter mishap, Seven's nanoprobes, the Doctor's mobile emitter, and a hapless crewman's DNA combine to form a Borg baby that grows up and learns a few lessons from Seven.
197 10/28/98 Extreme Risk B'Elanna deals with the news of the Maquis slaughter in the Alpha Quadrant by subjecting herself to dangerous physical conditions, while Tom leads Voyager in a race against the Malon to build a new shuttle -- introducing the Delta Flyer.
198 11/04/98 In the Flesh Voyager runs into an amazingly accurate recreation of Earth, complete with Starfleet, San Francisco and Boothby -- the only thing is it's Species 8472.
199 11/11/98 Once Upon a Time When an away team in perilous danger faces the possibility of not getting rescued, Neelix tries to shield Naomi from the truth about her mother's fate by engrossing her in her favorite kiddie holonovel.
201 11/18/98 Timeless Fifteen years in the future, Harry and Chakotay are fugitives of the Federation -- and the sole survivors of the Voyager crew. But Harry is bent on using stolen Borg technology to send a message back in time to fix a miscalculation that sends Voyager to an icy doom. (100th episode)
203 11/25/98 Infinite Regress Seven's consciousness is hijacked by a selection of random individuals assimilated by the Borg, and the cause is tracked to a device in some Borg debris that must be deactivated before Seven literally loses her mind.
200 12/02/98 Nothing Human When B'Elanna is attacked by a large parasitic alien, the only way of removing it is through a procedure created by a Cardassian exobiologist after experimenting on Bajorans, making B'Elanna and other ex-Maquis on board VERY upset.
202 12/09/98 Thirty Days Tom is sentenced to 30 day's solitary confinement and demotion to ensign after he disobeys direct orders.
204 12/16/98 Counterpoint While Voyager secretly transports a group of telepaths through Devore space, and submits to several boarded inspections. During the time, Janeway becomes acquainted with the lead inspector, who reveals he wishes to defect from his people and help Voyager's passengers.
206 01/20/99 Latent Image The Doctor finds evidence of the existence a female crewmember he doesn't recognize, and it sparks a dilemma that puts his ethical program into a difficult feedback loop.
207 01/27/99 Bride of Chaotica! When a group of photonic aliens believe Captain Proton's holodeck realm is real, the crew struggles to find a way to convince the aliens not to attack.
205 02/03/99 Gravity Tom, Tuvok, and the Doc are pulled into a gravity well where they team up with another hapless victim and try to survive until Voyager finds a way to get them out.
209 02/10/99 Bliss Everyone except Seven is consumed with the belief that they've found a way home, and it's up to her to get the crew to snap out of it before there is no way to escape the trap.
211 02/17/99 Dark Frontier, Part I While the crew plans to steal a transwarp coil from a damaged Borg vessel, Seven reviews her parents' logs and is unsettled by the memories. She has a hallucination that the Borg tapped into her neural implants and know of the planned heist.
212 02/17/99 Dark Frontier, Part II Trapped on the Borg vessel, Seven learns that the Queen allowed her to be freed by Voyager so that they can now study her experiences to strategize assimilating humanity. While the crew secretly follows the sphere, the Queen assigns Seven to help assimilate another species.
210 02/24/99 The Disease Against regulations, Harry falls in love with a woman named Tal when the crew help repair an alien ship. He begins to illuminate as a result, and is force to confess to the Doctor and the captain. Despite the captain's direct orders, he continues to see Tal in secret, while the rest of the crew deal with microfractures that appear to be sabotage.
213 03/03/99 Course: Oblivion A ship wide epidemic turns into the realization that the crew is not real -- they're the bio-mimetic duplicates (from "Demon") and they're falling apart ... literally.
208 03/24/99 The Fight When Voyager enters chaotic space, Chakotay hallucinates that he is in a boxing ring. The Doctor tells him that he has a gene for a cognitive disorder, and when Chakotay goes on a vision quest to explore further, he discovers that aliens are trying to communicate with him.
214 03/31/99 Think Tank
215 04/26/99 Juggernaut When Voyager rescues two Malons, B'Elanna, Neelix, and Chakotay assist in disabling the ship before it explodes and spreads radiation. During the mission, one of the Malon is attacked by what he claims is a superstitious monster.
216 04/28/99 Someone to Watch Over Me The Doctor's social lessons for Seven extend to dating when her curiosity about relationships is piqued, but soon the Doc realizes that he himself is developing feelings for his pupil.
217 05/05/99 11:59 Janeway discovers that an admired ancestor of hers lived a life that slightly fell short of the legend that had been passed down over the years.
218 05/12/99 Relativity A 29th century Captain Braxton recruits Seven to track down a weapon placed on board Voyager some time in the past and to find the culprit who put it there.
219 05/19/99 Warhead Harry and the Doc bring back to Voyager a damaged piece of machinery that is sentient, only to realize that it is a warhead intent on blowing up its target or anyone that gets in the way.
220 05/26/99 Equinox, Part I Voyager comes to the aid of a Starfleet vessel, Equinox, that was taken to the Delta Quadrant also by the Caretaker. Nucleogenic aliens attack the two ships, but they realize the Equinox crew are planning to steal equipment from Voyager that would get them home, but leave Voyager stranded. They realize that the nucleogenic aliens are attacking because the crew of the Equinox killed them aliens for propulsion, and put them in the brig.