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Season Six

# Air Date Title
221 09/22/99 Equinox, Part II The Equinox crew escape from Voyager and capture Seven and the Doctor, but Seven has locked out the power to their enhanced warp drive, so they disable the Doctor's ethical subroutines to get him to cooperate.
222 09/29/99 Survival Instinct When Seven meets several aliens at a space station, she has flashbacks to when she was Borg. One of them gives her relays that came from her unimatrix and, with two others, approach Seven while she is regenerating. When they are subdued, they admit that they are trying break the telepathic link imposed on them.
223 10/06/99 Barge of the Dead A near-death experience takes B'Elanna aboard a ship on its way to Klingon hell where she finds her mother who is there because of B'Elanna's dishonor. When she wakes up on Voyager, she embarks on a mission to go back to the Barge of the Dead to clear her mother's name -- even if it means dying herself.
224 10/13/99 Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy Feeling his duties do not reflect his capabilities, the Doctor has daydreams about the female crew members being attracted to him and he is the Emergency Command Hologram, taking over when the crew is incapacitated. An alien ship spies on Voyager and taps into the Doctor's program, seeing what he does, including his daydreams.
226 10/20/99 Alice When Tom falls in love with an abandoned shuttle he calls Alice, he fixes it up and tries out the neurogenic link with it. Alice lures him to work on it nonstop, but becomes hostile and almost kills B'Elanna. Tom becomes completely linked and loses all free will to Alice.
227 11/03/99 Riddles Tuvok is attacked by a strange weapon that damages his brain processes. Slow recovery causes him to be emotional and violent, but he learns to laugh and have fun with Neelix. Unfortunately, he cannot remember the vital details about the cloaked aliens that attacked him.
225 11/10/99 Dragon's Teeth The owners of a subspace corridor force Voyager to land on a hostile planet where they discover natives who have been in stasis pods for 500 years. Seven revives one who is distraught that his wife did not survive. He tells the crew that the corridors belonged to his people but were taken by enemies. Voyager agrees to help in exchange for corridor use, but he and his people decide to take over Voyager.
228 11/17/99 One Small Step Voyager is followed by a ball of deadly energy, which reminds them of a similar incident in which an early Mars module was consumed by energy. Chakotay and Seven take the Delta Flyer to find the module inside, but Chakotay disobeys the captain to leave, and they all disappear into subspace.
229 11/24/99 The Voyager Conspiracy When Seven installs a new cortical processor in her alcove, she suspects that Janeway is behind a conspiracy to deliberately strand Voyager in the Delta Quadrant, which she reports to Chakotay. At the same time, she believes Chakotay and the other Maquis intend to attack the Federation and the Cardassians, evidence which she presents to Janeway.
230 12/01/99 Pathfinder On Earth, while Reg Barclay works on contacting Voyager, he becomes addicted to the holographic ship and its crew, where he feels more at home than in real life. He has a theory to use a wormhole to contact Voyager, but his superiors see little merit in the theory, and Reg resorts to breaking into the research lab to try it out anyway.
231 01/12/00 Fair Haven Tom and Harry create a holodeck program that takes place in Ireland, and the captain allows the program to be always on to serve as a distraction while the crew prepares for a space hurricane. The crew becomes attached to the program, and Janeway finds herself falling in love with one of the characters.
233 01/19/00 Blink of an Eye Voyager is caught in the orbit of a planet whose speed of revolution causes a time difference of one second to one day between them. What is for centuries now, the natives believe Voyager is a mythical force causing their earthquakes. The Doctor is sent down to find how they can escape orbit, but he becomes lost, and Voyager is visited by a shuttle from the planet.
234 01/26/00 Virtuoso The Qomari sneer at Voyager's incompetency during repairs, but are drawn to the Doctor's singing since they have never heard of music. They invite him to sing on their planet and the admiration he receives causes his ego to grow and he begins to neglect his duties on Voyager.
236 02/02/00 Memorial Chakotay, Tom, Harry, and Neelix are haunted by violent dreams that imply their participation in an alien's deadly war, though they have no recollection of it. When the ship turns back to investigate, nearly the entire crew begins to have such memories.
232 02/09/00 Tsunkatse When Voyager gets a chance to enjoy shoreleave near an alien planet, Seven and Tuvok's shuttle is captured and they are taken to the planet to participate in Tsunkatse fighting matches. Seven reluctantly agrees to fight in order for Tuvok to get treatment for his injuries, but she ends up in matches whose results are deadly.
235 02/16/00 Collective A damaged Borg cube run by immature Borg children attempts to assimilate some of the crew on the Delta Flyer. They hold them hostage while they demand Voyager give them equipment to help them communicate with the Collective.
237 02/23/00 Spirit Folk The citizens of Fair Haven, where the new Irish holodeck program takes place, believe magic and evil has come to their town when they witness the crew performing everyday tasks -- in part due to malfunctions caused by the program running nonstop. The townspeople get anxious, kidnap Tom and Harry, and "hypnotize" the Doctor to reveal "their real motives."
238 03/01/00 Ashes to Ashes Lyndsay Ballard, an ensign assigned to Voyager who died 3 years ago, returns after escaping the Kobali who recover dead bodies and genetically alter to be like them. She tries to resume her life on Voyager despite demands from the Kobali that she return. In the meantime, Seven is put in charge of the Borg children.
239 03/08/00 Child's Play Icheb, one of the Borg children, prepares to return to his parents on his home planet, which has been repeatedly attacked by the Borg and is attempting to rebuild. Icheb has no recollection of them, but decides to spend time with them to learn about them and their lifestyle, while Seven struggles with losing her pupil.
240 03/15/00 Good Shephard Janeway takes three mediocre crewmembers on an away mission on the Delta Flyer to see if they can be inspired to perform their duties better. But the mission goes awry when they are hit by something unseen and one of the officers is possessed by some alien entity.
242 04/19/00 Live Fast and Prosper A group of con artist aliens are impersonating the crew of Voyager and stealing from various planetary systems. The real Voyager tracks them down since they too scammed Neelix in a trade, and put the leader of the ring in the brig, but she refuses to cooperate.
244 04/26/00 Muse When B'Elanna crashes on a planet, she is held as a playwright's muse for inspiration to write plays to prevent a war among his people. She reluctantly tells him stories about Voyager in exchange for supplies to repair the shuttle.
241 05/03/00 Fury An older, resentful Kes returns to Voyager, causing heavy damage and killing B'Elanna to go back in time to replace her younger self so that she can give information to the Vidiians to capture Voyager.
243 05/10/00 Life Line The Doctor learns that his creator, Lewis Zimmerman, is dying of an incurable disease, so he transmits himself in a datastream to Earth to help treat him. However, egos clash when Dr. Zimmerman is indignant about being treated by an "archaic" program such as the EMH.
245 05/17/00 The Haunting of Deck Twelve When the Borg children are disturbed by a ship-wide shutdown, they believe it is due to a ghost haunting the ship. They listen to Neelix's story about the ghost, which comes about when Voyager goes into a nebula that releases an electric bolt that causes the ship's systems to fail.
246 05/24/00 Unimatrix Zero, Part I The Borg Queen discovers that some drones have a genetic mutation that allows them to enter a dream state where they are no longer Borg. Seven finds herself in the idyllic dream, and discovers that she visited there frequently when she was a Borg and was very close with one of the other male drones there.