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Season Seven

# Air Date Title
247 10/04/00 Unimatrix Zero, Part II Janeway, Tuvok, and B'Elanna become assimilated themselves when they go on board a Borg cube to liberate those drones who can go to Unimatrix Zero, the dream state.
248 10/11/00 Imperfection When some of the Borg children find homes, Seven seems to cry, but it appears to be a malfunction in her cortical node, which could be a serious problem. Janeway tries to salvage a node from a Borg debris field, and when that fails, Icheb offers Seven his own, even if it means his own death.
249 10/18/00 Drive Tom and Harry enter the Delta Flyer in a shuttle race when they rescue an alien from her malfunctioning ship. The race ruins B'Elanna's plans to finally have a weekend alone with Tom, but she yields, even though it bothers her. She feels that her relationship with Tom is coming to a standstill, so she takes Harry's place in the Delta Flyer.
251 10/25/00 Repression When fprmer Maquis crewmembers end up unconscious due to what appear to be physical attacks, Tuvok investigates. However, Tuvok attacks Chakotay with no recollection until he sees the image of a Bajoran, and finds evidence that he is also behind the other attacks.
250 11/01/00 Critical Care The Doctor's program and holoemitter are stolen and forced to treat patients on a hospital ship, those who are considered privileged and those who are not. He notices the stark difference in priorities between them, and steals medicine from the privileged to treat the others.
252 11/08/00 Inside Man Instead of letters, Voyager receives a hologram of Reg Barclay who tells them he's come to help prepare for his plan to get Voyager home. However, the real Reg Barclay believes the hologram never made it to Voyager, and later discovers that his ex-girlfriend gave information about the hologram to the Ferengi.
255 11/15/00 Body and Soul When the Delta Flyer is captured for having a "photonic," or hologram, aboard, Seven downloads the Doctor's program into her cybernetic implants where he now controls her body. The Doctor
256 11/22/00 Nightingale Voyager undergoes repairs and maintenance on a planet while Harry leads an away team to search for supplies, but they get caught between two enemy ships and Harry agrees to command their understaffed ship until they meet back up with Voyager. However, they find that Voyager has befriended their friends' enemies.
253 11/29/00 Flesh and Blood, Part I Voyager discovers a Hirogen ship whose crew has been slaughtered by malfunctioning Starfleet holograms from the holomatrix Janeway offered them years before. The Hirogen admit that they modified the holograms to be more dangerous, but they've escaped and stolen a Hirogen ship. In pursuit, the holograms steal the Doctor from Voyager to help repair their malfunctions and try to convince him to stay. Refusing, he offers Voyager's help in finding them a planet to settle on but meeting with Janeway leads to a debate about hologram rights and untrusting of Voyager, the holograms attack and kidnap B'Elanna.
254 11/29/00 Flesh and Blood, Part II While B'Elanna reluctantly agrees to try repairing the holograms, other Hirogen intent on hunting down the renegades threaten Voyager if they get in the way, but they follow anyway, hiding in the Hirogen's blind spot. The Doctor then realizes the leader of the holograms is fixated on liberated all holograms and establishing a religion around himself. He transports the pursuing Hirogen to a toxic planet where they will now be hunted, and he steals the Doctor's mobile emitter to exact his revenge.
257 01/17/01 Shattered When Voyager is hit by a strange energy blast, the ship is fractured into different time periods of the past and future and Chakotay, who receives a chronoton injection from the Doctor of the past, is able to move from one time period to another. But to get back to his own time, he has to meld the fractures together but requires help. He kidnaps Janeway from seven years ago and has to help her overcome her doubts and mistrust about him, and to survive the challenges of each fracture -- one of which includes Seska taking over Voyager.
258 01/24/01 Lineage B'Elanna discovers that she is pregnant, but realizes her daughter will have Klingon traits as she did. Distraught by fears of what her daughter will have to face and unsettled by flashbacks of her own difficulties of being part Klingon, she insists that the Doctor eliminate her daughter's Klingon genes. And when he refuses and she fails to get support from Tom or the captain, she takes matters into her own hands.
259 01/31/01 Repentance Voyager comes to the aid of a damaged vessel and reluctantly agree to help transport eight criminals who are headed for execution for murder. But Neelix discovers that some of these prisoners are merely scapegoats for their neighboring aliens and are convicted for crimes they are only assumed to have committed. Another prisoner has his defective conscience turned on with Seven's nanoprobes to mend neurological damage, and gets help from to crew to appeal his death sentence.
260 02/07/01 Prophecy The crew find themselves being attacked by an old Klingon vessel who is in search of a "savior" that they now believe is B'Elanna's unborn daughter. They destroy their own ship to follow her lead, but some who have doubts challenge their prophecy's interpretation. One challenges Tom to a modified bat'leth duel, but when the Klingon collapses, the Doctor discovers the Klingons are carrying a deadly virus that they have now passed to B'Elanna and her baby.
261 02/14/01 The Void Voyager is sucked into a subspace void where they are raided by other trapped ships competing to survive. An attempt to escape fails, and Janeway believes the only way out is to form alliances with other ships and pool together resources.
262 02/21/01 Workforce, Part I Most of the crew is kidnapped and, with their memories erased, put to work on a planet where labor is in need. Chakotay, Harry, and Neelix find Voyager abandoned except for the Doctor and they go in search of the rest of the crew. They decide to go undercover and get B'Elanna taken back on Voyager, but Chakotay, unsuccessful in getting Janeway to recall her real life, finds himself pursued by the natives. In the meantime, Tuvok has flashes of his memory returning and tries to make Seven remember what happened.
263 02/28/01 Workforce, Part II Neelix helps B'Elanna to remember her life on Voyager, while Chakotay hides from his pursuers and tries to convince Janeway of her real identity. She doesn't believe him and he is caught and subjected to mind control to bring Voyager into his captors' hands. In the meantime, Seven begins to have flashbacks of her real life and discreetly launches an investigation into what a desperate Tuvok had hunches about.
264 03/07/01 Human Error Seven immerses herself into holodeck programs where she has become more human and is experiencing more emotional aspects of life, which includes dating a holographic Chakotay. In the meantime, Voyager is damaged by shockwaves of subspace warheads, but Seven continues to be distracted by her holodeck programs to the point where she is neglecting her work and her health.
265 04/11/01 Q2 Q drops by, bringing his now-teenaged son to learn about humanity, but is nothing but trouble as he only cares about fulfilling his own amusement. Q begs Janeway to help and threatens to turn his son into an amoeba if he does not change his ways by the end of one week he is to spend on Voyager.
266 04/18/01 Author, Author A limited two-way link with Earth allows the crew to communicate with their families and friends, but the Doctor uses it to publish a his holonovel, which the crew is horrified to learn is a skewed portrayal of themselves. The Doctor argues that it is intended to invoke a sense of power in the EMH Mark I's that are condemned to laborous work. But when he is convinced to make revisions to the story, he learns that his publisher has already been released and refuses to recall them, arguing that holograms have no legal rights.
267 04/25/01 Friendship One Starfleet assigns Voyager to find a probe that ancient Earth sent just after First Contact. They find it on a radioactive planet, but are attacked by natives who believe their ancestors sent the probe to destroy their planet. They take Neelix, Tom, and Joe Carey hostage and demand Voyager to relocate them to a new planet, but the task would delay Voyager's travels for more than 3 years.
268 05/02/01 Natural Law While Tom is forced to take a flight safety course for violating a local flight law, Seven and Chakotay are stranded on a primitive planet whose natives they try to avoid contacting. While Chakotay is disabled from an infected leg injury, Seven tries to use the shuttle's debris to send a distress signal.
269 05/09/01 Homestead Tom, Tuvok and Neelix crash on an asteroid that is home to a colony of Talaxians who are oppressed by miners. They are being forced to relocate, but refuse to give up their home. Neelix befriends a widowed Talaxian woman and her son and commits himself to helping them defend their right to stay.
270 05/16/01 Renaissance Man Janeway and the Doctor return to Voyager with the news that they must give up their warp core and settle on an M-class planet. Chakotay becomes suspicious and discovers Janeway is an imposter, just before he is rendered unconscious. The real Janeway is being held hostage while the Doctor is forced to secretly obtain Voyager's warp core and some gel packs.
271 05/23/01 Endgame, Part I On the 10th anniversary of Voyager's return to Earth nearly three decades in the future, Janeway initiates a plan to go back in time to repeat their return, but this time keeping all of her crew alive.
272 05/23/01 Endgame, Part II The present Janeway permits the technology on the future Janeway's shuttle to be put on Voyager, which will allow them to safely travel home, but Seven realizes that the Borg Queen intends to stop them. When they arrive at the nebula where their way home lies, the present Janeway realizes they are in a Borg transwarp conduit hub and instead of using it to get home, she intends to destroy it to incapacitate the Borg for good.