Les Misérables

Saturday, June 17, 2006 at 8:00pm
Pantages Theatre
Los Angeles, CA

Complete, no understudy, no white slip (except for Lisa Capps) cast!

Jean Valjean   Randal Keith Javert   Robert Hunt
Fantine   Joan Almedilla Young Cosette   Rachel Schier
Madame Thénardier   Jennifer Butt Thénardier   Norman Large
Gavroche   Anthony Skillman Eponine   Melissa Lyons
Enjolras   Victor Wallace Marius   Daniel Bogart
Cosette   Leslie Henstock The Bishop of Digne   Gabriel Kalomas
Foreman   Pierce Peter Brandt Factory Girl   Candice Nicole
Old Woman (locket)   Lisa Capps * Crone (hair)   Suzanna Neeley Bridges
Old Beggar Woman ("Look Down")   Marnie Nicolella Montparnasse   Kip Driver
Babet   Kevin David Thomas Brujon   Roger Seyer
Claquesous   James Chip Leonard Combeferre   Pierce Peter Brandt
Feuilly   Eric Briarley Courfeyrac   Jason Kraack
Joly   Charles Hagerty Grantaire   Dave Hugo
Lesgles   Gabriel Kalomas Jean Prouvaire   Ryan Williams

* Lisa Capps on for Karen Elliot

Brief notes on principles: (ensemble and other random notes below, more comprehensive comments in review for next performance).

Randal Keith

Amazing, as always.

Robert Hunt

I've noticed kind of an odd moment during "Javert's Intervention" where Robert starts heading off-stage but then stops suddenly as if someone had said something, but no one had. It wasn't until a couple beats later that Norman enters with "In the absence of a victim ..." That timing just needs to be refined a little to make sense.

Joan Almedilla

I was sitting farther back today, and yet I still noticed a lack of facial expressions during "I Dreamed a Dream", less than I think I'm used to seeing from her. And woman, stop singing from the throat. And I do have to complain that her movements are a little overdone, to the point where she looks like she convulsing when that isn't even remotely her intention. For example, when she spits in Valjean's face, she manages to catapult herself backwards into a heap onto the floor. It just looks a little unnatural. Even in her death scene which I used to like a lot, it doesn't look right anymore because she doesn't appear weak or sick. She just looks uncoordinated, which doesn't have the same effect. My new favorite scene of hers, though, is the "Epilogue" -- she isn't trying to do too much and she sings VERY nicely.

Rachel Schier

Her acting has so much surpassed her singing. I love her extremely pained facial expression when Mme. Thénardier screams, "Like mother like daughter, the scum of the street!" She's frantically scrubbing a table at that point, and she looks as if she's about to burst into tears.

Jennifer Butt

Wonderfully freaky.

Norman Large

Hilariously dense, but driven by money.

Anthony Skillman

He put a great deal more oomph into many of his lines today, especially those in "Little People". Still a little stiff on the stage movements, but great attitude coming through in his voice. He got a good laugh from the audience and a nice round of applause after his remarks (after "Stars")

Melissa Lyons

She was uncharacteristically low energy in "On My Own" until last lines where she re-affirms that she "loves him", which were heartbreaking. "A Little Fall of Rain" was particularly moving, I think because Melissa's voice really carried a tone of "what-could-have-been" and Dan played off that quite well.

Victor Wallace

Victor seemed a little underpowered today, like a lot of the notes required more effort than it usually does. I really did expect his voice to break somewhere, but luckily it didn't -- but it sounded like it would. (As I learned the next day, he'd been out sick on Wednesday and wasn't feeling 100% yet.)

Daniel Bogart

Well, some of that strange sitting-on-the-vowels thing came back, even in "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" which was so good on Wednesday. It was still very moving today, but those vowels are somewhat distracting.

He adds an interesting gesture at "I'm LOST until she's found!" where he pauses ever so slightly before "lost", takes a step back away from Eponine, and waves his arms down as if to indicate that he is missing a part of him.

Leslie Henstock

She seemed to have a little less ease with that highest note of "A Heart Full of Love" and especially at end of "Every Day" -- both sounded a hair flat. Also, the vowel resonance wasn't working as well as on Wednesday, and some of them were a little sharp (in resonance, not pitch).

Random notes: