Saturday, June 30, 2007
8:00pm evening
Pantages Theatre
Los Angeles, CA

Elphaba   Eden Espinosa   Glinda   Megan Hilty
Fiyero   Kristoffer Cusick   Madame Morrible   Carol Kane
The Wizard   John Rubinstein   Nessarose   Jenna Leigh Green
Boq   Adam Wylie   Dillamond   Timothy Britten Parker
Chistery   Peter John Chursin   Witch's Mother   Rozalyn Roberson (swing)
Witch's Father/Ozian Official   Matthew Stocke   Midwife   Linda Kerns
Ensemble   Angela Ara Brown, Natalie Daradich (swing, evening), Courtney Corey, Michael Drolet, Melissa Fahn, Amanda Flynn, D.J. Gregory, Zach Hensler, Adam Lambert, Alexander Selma, Terrance Spencer, Eric Stretch, Brooke Wendle

So, this was my first time seeing Megan Hilty after her "vacation" (which wasn't REALLY a vacation since she spent most of the week working on 9 to 5, as she told me at the stage door). But I'm sure it was good for her to get away from Wicked for a little while.

I'm not sure if Megan was just vocally tired from having done the matinee at well or if she's coming down/recovering from something or what, but her singing just wasn't QUITE as powerful as it usually is. I mean, she was still fantastic and adorable as ever ... but it just seemed like those high notes were a little bit more of an effort than they usually are for her.

Eden Espinosa. OH MY GOD, she had a fantastic show. Now I remember why I used to like her so much. ;) I mean, I honestly have very little to gripe about this time. Well, there's her silly cartoon-ish character voice, but that's been true about her for over a year now. That's nothing new. But those little acting nuances that I didn't like and bugged the heck out of me because they looked unnatural? Ninety percent of them were gone tonight. It was like she was truly acting and reacting to her fellow cast members. It was wonderful to watch.

Vocally, she was also amazing, although nothing at all compared to Thursday. She riffed and embellished quite a bit in "The Wizard and I", and I totally thought she was going to riff the rest of the show. But part way through "Defying Gravity", she tried a few riffs and it sounded like her voice wasn't cooperating as well as she'd hoped, so she toned it down just a bit. "No Good Deed" was the same ... a few riffs ("Fiyero" and the last note, in particular), but nothing like Thursday.

Kristoffer Cusick was vocally really on tonight. Acting was pretty darn good, too. Dancing was good, but not quite as energetic as he's been in the past.

Actually, the entire cast were much more into it tonight ... even a little more than on Thursday. Carol Kane's voice is still ... eh. John Rubinstein got more into his singing and acting. Jenna Leigh Green and Adam Wylie were about the same as usual.

Okay, so the details:

But yeah. AWESOME show.