Friday, September 14, 2007
8:00pm evening
Pantages Theatre
Los Angeles, CA

Elphaba   Eden Espinosa   Glinda   Megan Hilty
Fiyero   Kristoffer Cusick   Madame Morrible   Carol Kane
The Wizard   John Rubinstein   Nessarose   Jenna Leigh Green
Boq   Adam Wylie   Dillamond   Timothy Britten Parker
Chistery   Peter John Chursin   Witch's Mother   Carson Reide* (swing)
Witch's Father/Ozian Official   Matthew Stocke   Midwife   Linda Kerns
Ensemble   .. no clue anymore ...

Overall, this show had a weird energy to it. The beginning (say first half of the first act) felt like everyone was trying just a smidgen too hard to get things to work or be funny. It just felt slightly off. Things started picking up, though, and the entire second act was amazing. One of the best Act 2's I've seen in a while.