Fight the Future movie poster

The X-Files: Fight the Future

I came into the movie having seen only some of the show's episodes. Thanks to a good friend who lived in on my floor of the dorms, I began showing an interest about four or so months before the movie released. As soon as I developed enough of an interest, I started taping episodes and watching them as often as I could -- meticulously trying to get a grasp at what the show was about, what it stood for, how to understand it the best I could. Needless to say, I knew enough to enjoy the movie as much as, or in some cases even more than, regularly committed X-Philes.

For one, this movie had great strong points in the thriller/action/horror categories. The images were gruesome, and surprises being thrown at you from every side.

Coming into the movie, I was very well aware of Mulder and Scully's working/personal relationship. There undoubtedly was a strong chemistry (that even *I* could see) between the two right off from the pilot. From then on, they only grew closer, working together, trusting each other, and looking out for one another (and I'll explain more of my Shipper-dom later), right on into the season finale where their intimate relationship was painfully obvious. (Like I said, more later.)

Here's where I think the BEST part of the movie was: the fact that it was very pro-Shipper. The movie was *jam-packed* with 1) exchanges between Mulder and Scully and 2) actions in response to feelings for one another that could only come from having had five years together. Here are just a few:

Humor has always been a small, but very important aspect of the show, and it certainly was not lacking in the movie: