1X79 . Pilot

1X01 . Deep Throat

1X02 . Squeeze

1X03 . Conduit

1X04 . The Jersey Devil

In this episode, amongst the search for the Jersey Devil, we see Scully, for the first time, express a desire to settle down in a life and have a family. Then her godson's mother suggested, "What about that guy you work with? Didn't you say he was cute?"

Aha! So Scully thought Mulder was cute! But her response, "Who, Mulder? He's a jerk! No, he's not a jerk. He's just devoted to his work." This here, and the fact that she ends up going out with one of the parents at the party, shows that while she has a physical attraction to Mulder, there's a lot to be desired when it comes to his priorities.

1X05 . Shadows

Damn, this one was freaky, even after almost a decade since it first aired. I don't know, the ones that have to do with ghosts appearing amongst everyday life just creep me out so much. The basic premise of this episode was that the ghost of a murdered co-head of a supplies company remained in this world to watch over his secretary, to whom he'd been very close. He protected her so well that he went as far as to kill those who threatened her life, and made things frightening or difficult for those who got in her way.

Even this early in the show's run, there were a few cute exchanges between Mulder and Scully. At one point, Scully makes some suggestions on what purpose Howard Graves would have on faking his own death:

Scully: "He and Lauren Kyte are in on something. Maybe an illegal deal through his company. Something the CIA was interested in."
Mulder: "You may be right."
Scully: "Wait, you think I'm right?"
Mulder: "Sure, all you gotta do is prove Howard Graves is still alive."

Then, towards the end, we get some classic banter:

Mulder: "Hey, Scully, do you believe in an afterlife?"
Scully: "I'd settle for a life in this one."
Mulder: "Have you ever seen the Liberty Bell?"
Scully: "Yes."
Mulder: "You know, I've been to Philadelphia a hundred times and I've never seen it."
Scully: "You're not missing much. It's just a big bell with a big crack, and you have to wait in a long line."
Mulder: "Yeah, but I'd really like to go."
Scully: "Why now?"
Mulder: "I don't know. How late do you think they stay open?"

So, what was this? Was Mulder trying to get Scully to take a trip to the Liberty Bell with him? I wonder if they actually did -- I doubt it, but it makes you wonder ...

1X06 . Ghost In the Machine

1X07 . Ice

1X08 . Space

1X09 . Fallen Angel

1X10 . Eve

1X11 . Fire

1X12 . Beyond the Sea

Awww, poor Scully. =( I felt so bad when her father died, and I'm sure it must felt like she was being dragged through hell having to face that dude who may or may not have the ability to convey messages from the dead. It would have been easy for her to give Boggs what he wanted if it meant hearing from her father. Whether or not he possessed that power, I don't think Scully would have given up that chance if there weren't so much at stake. She really wanted to know if her father approved of where she is in her life.

And of course, there was a nice Shippiness presence here. Mulder, in offering his sympathy, calls her Dana -- a truly heartfelt condolence. And after Mulder got shot and was lying in the hospital recuperating, we got to see a side of Scully we rarely see. With a stream of viciousness that seriously made me flinch, she screamed at Boggs, "... if Mulder dies, four days from now no one will stop me from being the one to throw the switch to gas you out of this life, you son of a b*tch!!" Yow, now, if that wasn't enough to tell you how much Scully cares about Mulder, even this far back to the beginning ... ::shakes head::

1X13 . Genderbender

1X14 . Lazarus

1X15 . Young At Heart

1X16 . E.B.E.

1X17 . Miracle Man

1X18 . Shapes

1X19 . Darkness Falls

1X20 . Tooms

1X21 . Born Again

1X22 . Roland

1X23 . Erlenmeyer Flask