2X01 . Little Green Men

2X02 . The Host

2X03 . Blood

2X04 . Sleepless

2X05 . Duane Barry

2X06 . Ascension

2X07 . 3

2X08 . One Breath

2X09 . Fire

2X10 . Red Museum

2X11 . Excelsis Dei

2X12 . Aubrey

2X13 . Irresistable

2X14 . Die Hand Die Verletzt

2X15 . Fresh Bones

2X16 . Colony

2X17 . End Game

2X18 . Fearful Symmetry

2X19 . Dod Kalm

Vewwy intewesting ...

So, the main plot of this episode? Mulder and Scully venture to the seas of Norway to investigate a strange phenomenon causing accelerated aging in people who have sailed past the area. Mulder's theory is that it may be due to military experiments on folding time, while Scully follows along just to get answers on what could have caused a 28 year old Lieutenant of the USS Ardent to appear to be dying at the age of 90. With the help of an American-born Norwegian, and some moolah, they sail to find the USS Ardent only to find themselves trapped on board and the ship they came on mysteriously hijacked.

There were some nice instances of Shippiness in this episode that are worth pointing out. The first one (which I may take out of proportion -- forgive me!) is after Trondheim is attacked by the pirate whaler Olafsson who appears not to have aged at all. He insists that they get back down below deck to join Scully in case Olafsson isn't the only other person on board. At this point, he doesn't know that the aged Captain Barclay of the USS Ardent is dead, but he only mentions Scully in his worry.

Later, after Mulder and Scully have determined what is the most likely cause of their aging, she asks Mulder and Trondheim to submit blood and urine samples. Mulder appears to have suffered worse of the aging than the others, and Scully believes it's because he was dehydrated at the beginning of the trip. Trondheim suggests that they not waste any more of the uncontaminated water on Mulder because he is probably beyond salvation. Scully gets irritated at this, only to be further dismayed that the uncontaminated water Mulder has been drinking hasn't helped his salt concentration much at all. She writes in her journal, "Mulder's urinalysis continues to indicate his kidneys' failure to excrete the substance I'm calling heavy salt. Whether the untainted water taken from the sewage system is even helping him at all is unclear. What does remain clear to me is that I can't give up trying."

And the greatest sequence is after Trondheim locks himself in the sewage processing room. Scully panics, knowing that all the remaining water that is drinkable is locked in with him, and rumages around the ship frantically looking for uncontaminated sources of water. She comes up with some odd and probably less-than-tasty ideas (the snow globe?!), and it adds up to half a container full which she offers to Mulder in hopes that it will help him keep going for a little longer. Mulder refuses, and argues that Scully should drink it because she has the best chances of survival and she argues back that that's all the more reason he should drink it. They both want what's best for the other, regardless of their own conditions or what may happen to them in the long run. It's a demonstration of selflessness.

Unfortunately, neither of them get to decide who drinks the water because the jar breaks when the outer hull takes on water. Fourteen hours later, Mulder, barely conscious now, says that what's happening to them is not fair, that they were both young with so much more to do. Scully interprets this as a fear of death, and confides in him of her experience when she almost died after having been abducted. She tells him that there's nothing to fear. She encourages him to go to sleep, watching him drift off and stroking his forehead gently.

But of course, our dear main characters of the show can't just die off without some very severe consequences. They're rescued and brought to the naval hospital. The doctor tells her that it is thanks to her journal that they were able to come up with the right treatment to help Mulder, who they thought wasn't going to make it.

2X20 . Humbug

2X21 . The Calusari

2X22 . F. Emasculata

2X23 . Soft Light

2X24 . Our Town

2X25 . Anasazi