8X01 . Within

All right, so The X-Files returns for another season. I was a little apprehensive upon hearing this, unsure of how good of an idea it was to have the actors keep going when they wanted out. So, now, David Duchovny got his way with the officials at Fox -- he's only coming back for half of this season, and who the heck knows about a ninth season. Anyway, let's get to the episode.

So, I know I hardly touched the second half of Season 7, but we'll jump straight to Within. In short, the season finale had Mulder and Scully returning to Oregon where the show's pilot took place because abductions were occurring again. Scully found herself feeling a little ill (which led the way to a very warm and shippy moment), and she discovered a pattern that the abductions were occurring to people experiencing abnormal brain activity like Mulder back in the Season 7 premiere. And she was right -- Mulder and A.D. Skinner went back to Oregon to do more investigating and Mulder ended up being taken away to an alien ship. And big kicker for most Shippers was at the very end when Scully told A.D. Skinner that she was pregnant!

Okay, so speculation goes flying, but I really do think the baby is Mulder's.

So, Within. The FBI launches a vigorous investigation to look for Mulder, headed by the newly promoted Kersh and led by Special Agent John Doggett. I don't like Doggett, and I imagine Chris Carter wrote him to be annoying enough to be on the bad side of most of the audience. And Scully. He makes some arrogantly presumptuous statements about Mulder to Scully, and when Scully discovers who he is, she promptly tosses a cup of water in his face. (Go Scully!)

Scully is clearly brought down by the fact that Mulder is missing. The way that she carries herself, looks at herself in the mirror, and the fact that she goes over to Mulder's apartment and falls asleep on his bed -- she wants nothing more than to find him safe. That latter one ... Scully's heart must have nearly leapt out of her chest when her landlord said that he saw Mulder in her apartment building. She runs back to her apartment, hoping to find Mulder there, but finds her computer gone. She goes over to Mulder's apartment to find the same, and wanders into his bedroom. She finds one of his shirts on the end of the bed, picks it up, and lays down his bed, cradling the shirt to her cheek.

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I know I've neglected this entire season, and I can easily blame my senior year's genetics classes. But the season finale sparked a good deal of reaction from me, and I'll post here what I posted in my journal: